Cake Deco Pen Kit - Only Suitable with Karens Air Brush Machine Compressor

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One time investment - Long term achievement !


 Cake Deco Pen Kit with (Patent pending Flute Air Control)

Cake Deco pen is a first unique dual action sugar craft machine with Patent pending Flute Air Control which can act as Dispensing tool for creative and innovative Cake Makers and Decorators.

The innovative Cake Deco Pen is an air-powered hand held tool with 5 speeds control for writing or drawing very fine decorative details and for filling intricate areas while creating 2D and 3D Edible patterns and models.

You can control the start and stopping of dispensing flow by covering and uncovering the hole on an air flow tube (Patent pending Flute Control). Air Compressor pump ( Only Suitable with Karens Air Brush Machines) allows you to work on a vertical surface with drip free operation.

The whole product is innovatively designed to be attached with our Karens Air Brush main Air Compressor for full function.

Cake Deco Pen prevents hand fatigue often associated with the use of piping bag squeezing can be easily operated for time saving production of precision work

Cake Deco Pen Kit Include:

  • 5 LT Plastic x 1
  • Flute Control ( Patent Pending )
  • Flexible Pipe  2 x 1 M 
  • Deco Pens x 4
  • White Pistons x 4
  • Green Locks x 2
  • Black Rings x 4
  • 9 Tips Metal (5 of each size)
  • 11 Polymer Tips (5 of each size)
  • Brush Tips x 2
  • Spreading Knife x 1
  • Pin x 1
  • Spatula x 1
  • Acetate Sheets x 4

Features Cake Deco Pen:

  • ·         Allows a very precise drip free dispense of Edible Filler and Colors.
  • ·         1 Flute Air Control (Patent Pending) – Help controls the flow of Edible Fillers with ease.
  • ·         4 Barrels – Allows you to use 4 different Colors or Type of fillers on your design.
  • ·         12 Different sizes of dispensing tips – Enable drawing many different kinds of patterns.
  • ·         2 Brush Tips – Help applying Edible glue on the back of your design
  • ·         1 Spreading Knife – Can be used as a Spreader or wiping the incorrect part of the drawing.
  • ·         1 Long Spatula – Helps fill the barrel with edible fillers very accurately.
  • ·         1 Long Pin – Act as very useful tool in intricate parts. 
  • ·         Suitable to be used by both Right and Left hand people.

 Application Cake Deco Pen:

  • ·         Draw Edible Patterns on Transparent Polymer sheet (Easy Release)
  • ·         Draw Edible Patterns on Silicon Mats (Easy Release)
  • ·         Draw Freehand Edible Pattern on Cookies
  • ·         Draw Freehand Edible Patterns on Cupcakes
  • ·         Draw Freehand Edible Patterns on Cakes (Top and Side)
  • ·         Trace Edible Pattern on Transparent Polymer Sheet from Templates (Easy Release)
  • ·         Trace or Freehand Draw Edible Patterns on Baking Parchment Paper (  Easy Release) 
  • ·         Fill intricate and delicate parts of HD Lace Mats with Different Edible Colors
  • ·         Edible signature on Cakes by Designers
  • ·         Write Edible messages on Cakes
  • ·         Edible Calligraphy ( Direct and Indirectly)

Drawing Base Cake Deco Pen:

  • ·         Baking Parchment Paper ( Easy Release )
  • ·         Flexible Transparent Polymer Sheet or Acetate Sheet ( Easy Release)
  • ·         Back of the Silicon Lace Mats ( Easy Release or Drying in Oven)
  • ·         Directly on the Cakes
  • ·         Directly on the Cupcakes
  • ·         Directly on the Cookies

 Fillers Cake Deco Pen:

  • ·         Sugar Lace (Fusion Formulation)
  • ·         Edible Gel
  • ·         Chocolate Light Consistency
  • ·         Royal Icing
  • ·         Butter Cream
  • ·         Edible Glue


Click here for Templates : Cake Deco Pen Templates

Click here for Videos : Cake Deco Pen Instruction Videos

Click here for Gallery : Cake Deco Pen Gallery