Gold Metallic Pearl Lustre Dust Petal Dust for Cake Decorating - 25 Grams

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Metallic Pearl Lustre Dust Petal Dust for Cake Decorating - 25 Grams
The product is carefully selected by the team Karens Air Brush and Edible Cake lace team in order to provide our customers with Quality yet Affordable products in order to help them to do best at their Cake Craft work.  
The product complies fully with EU Food Regulations
Karen's Edible Cake Lace and Cake Craft Products proudly present our New Vibrant and Stunning Effect of Pearl and Metallic Luster Dust . 
The product is packed in a unique 25 Grams bottle .
Suitable for Decoration of food in particular of Cream based , , Chocolate , Sugar Paste , Flower Paste , Gum paste ,Butter Cream , Royal Icing , Fondant Icing , Confectionery and fine bakery products ( Pastries , Cakes , Cupcakes, Cookies , Wafers)
Mode of Application - Apply directly by finger, by brush or mix it with pure alcohol and paint it using the brush or Air Brush Machine gun .
Caution: As with any Pearl or Metallic Lustres, this not regulated by the FDA/Food Standard Agency as a food product, so it should only be used on decorations and parts of the cake that will not be eaten. It is non-toxic. Best when mixed with vodka or lemon extract to create paint. Then brush it onto your decoration, or thin slightly more and run it through an air brush – this is must-have item.


.This listing is for only 1 color of Air Brush Food Color and Paint -
Color - Metallic Gold
Quantity - 25 Grams ( Best quantity in the market for this price and will last a long time in the decorators kitchen )
Pearl and Metallic effect Luster Dust available in seductive colors with a pearlised and metallic sheen finish :
  • Pearl Ruby Red
  • Metallic Copper
  • Metallic Bronze
  • Pearl Silver
  • Pearl Gold
  • Pearl Violet